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Eligible expenses

Here is a list of qualifying expenses/purchases covered by your scholarship.

Application form – Adult education and vocational training

You are pursuing adult education or vocational training to get a first diploma? Contact Marie-Pier directly at to obtain the application form you must complete to receive your Educaid perseverance scholarship.


Having homework trouble? AlloProf is here for you! Contact them over the phone, via text messaging, email or even video chat. Don’t be shy, they’re real pros… and it’s free!

Anges du bal

Thanks to our partner Anges du Bal, our sponsored girls graduating from high school in the Quebec City area can get a prom dress at no cost.

Every year in may, Anges du Bal invites young ladies sponsored by Educaid to sign up for a “Dream Shopping Day,” during which girls can choose the prom dress of their dreams, get their hair and makeup done, and have their picture taken by a professional photographer.

If you’re graduating in the Quebec City area and want to be part of this free event, sign up for the “Dream Shopping Day” today. Simply complete the application form (PDF) and send it to

Update your information

Your school path is taking a new turn? You recently moved? You graduated from high school and are now pursuing post-secondary education? Keep us in the loop by updating your information! Contact us at

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