Perseverance Scholarships

A $500 scholarship can make a real difference

For students from less privileged backgrounds to have the best chances of obtaining their high school diploma, Educaid offers those who distinguish themselves an academic perseverance scholarship worth $500.

The academic perseverance scholarships are managed by the school’s administration in order to make purchases for the scholarship holder, such as school supplies, clothing, certain school outings and other expenses approved by Educaid to avoid any feeling of exclusion. The scholarships can also be renewed from year to year in order to support students until they obtain their high school or vocational studies diploma.

In 2015, the assistance fund had already granted more than $1 350,500 in scholarships to 1 145 students. This much appreciated financial support has already produced positive results among those who benefited from the scholarships.

To learn about the various expenses Educaid authorizes for the use of scholarships, refer to our FAQ’s section.

To learn more about the granting of scholarships, and more precisely how candidates are selected, refer to the eligibility conditions section.